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Writing Music is a Test of Patience

When writing music, there are countless concerns that can trouble a composer: layers of harmonies, chord progressions, tempo, theme, style, arrangement... The list goes on. But, it's best not to fixate on this. Better to just keep the internal chords of your mind harmonious and melodic. Impatience will make your emotions dissonant, and while this might not show up in your music, you may very well be spending a lot more time focused on finishing a track rather than enjoying it. You, me and every other composer who truly cares about his or her music wants every element to be perfect. This is only natural. Sometimes, such desires could very well make us feel stunted, and we become a bit too patient even with finishing and releasing our tracks. Either way, the very fact that we are human beings means that we are burdened by a mind which is continually shifting between rhythms of patience and impatience, focus and distraction. Just as a song shifts between verse and chorus and a chord progression changes from Aminor to Cmajor7, the mind of a composer, or rather, just about any passionate artist, wants to be sure that what is perceived by the audience is not just satisfying but leaves an unforgettable memory. But, you and I cannot control others' tastes. And we certainly cannot force how quickly or slowly we finish a track, even if we want our careers to propel forward at lightning speed with each release. Perhaps, instead of fixating on the finish line and how our tracks will be enjoyed by others, us composers have to ask ourselves, How do I feel when I hear my music? This is impossible to really know if we're just fixating on the finish line and worrying about other's perceptions. In the end, the more we enjoy our compositions, the more likely others with similar (or even different) tastes will enjoy them just as well. Music composition truly is a test of patience. If one cannot master the art of patience, then how can one be happy being a composer in the first place? Thank you for reading my article! If you enjoyed my writing and want to check out my music, you can listen to my album and EP on my YouTube channel and other platforms! Soul Fluctuations:

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