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Consistency and Focus in Music

Music demands a lot of dedication and mental horsepower out of composers. Even when working on an amazing track, it can be quite unnerving to stay focused on not just music but creative projects that demand a lot of layers upon layers of details and refinement, especially when high quality and the desire for creative innovation motivate us songwriters.

And of course, no matter how obsessed we may be with our music, we can find ourselves caught up in a hundred different concerns and pressure of day to day life. For some if not many, pressure and adversity stimulate an artist’s ingenuity and drive. For others, it can be nerve-wrecking, and a desire to find peace, quiet and serenity might take over. Can us artists find peace of mind while being fueled by passion in spite of the adversities which we face day to day?

For each individual, there would be different answers. Every artist comes from a different place in the world from a harp player in a quiet village near the mountains to a hip hop producer living in a city that’s far, far away from nature. Each individual is surrounded by a different pattern of frequencies and ambience, different cultural atmospheres, communities and social lives and just as well, we each create with different genres in mind. But there is a universal need for us composers and songwriters to find peace within, even when our art of music demands that we bring sounds into this world from soft ambience to loud banging drums, fast tempo techno music to serene mandolin arpeggios.

Is a quiet mind conducive to sustained focus in our musical productivity? Most likely. I am not Buddhist monk who understands the bliss of an empty mind, but meditation has no doubt granted me an almost daily acquaintance with the blissful gifts of quiet and a decluttered mind. To declutter one’s mind might very well be the necessary prerequisite to being able to continually dish out great songs; songs which not only reveal professional quality but authentic expressions of one’s heart.

Peace and quiet. Consistency and focus.

It’s possible to make masterpieces without these, but no doubt, it would be a lot easier to keep it up with a healthy mind and body.

Thank you for reading! If you enjoyed my blog post, you can find my e-book,Writing Music is Bliss, on Amazon!

My music is a blend of different genres from lo-fi hip hop and synthwave to sci-fi film scores and dream pop. In all my tracks however, this one factor doesn’t change: I always want to express myself naturally and hopefully, bring joy to my listeners. You can find links to my album and EP below or above on this website's navigation bar.

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