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Intertwined Motion

Intertwined Motion Cover 300 x 300 JPEG.webp

Ridley and Holly Im biked together by the Amoga River every week of their lives until a fiery wolf god kidnapped Holly. All the wolf god said was that Holly was destined to meet The Man Who Would Grant Her Eternity in a Faraway Place. For years, Ridley had no knowledge of where his sister was taken to though he's felt vague, telepathic signals coming from her soul, reaching out to him across the unknown distance between them. Nine years after the kidnapping, Ridley sets out to find his sister, starting with nothing but the guidance of this transcendent feeling. His three year journey takes him to the city Nosi in the country Unoa, a city filled with thriving artistic energy and psychedelically animated streets. At Nosi, many questions about the nature of life, the intentions of the gods and the mysteries of the afterlife will be asked.

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