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Hello! I'm Terence Im (born Tae Joon Kim); composer, writer, software developer and video editor. My main creative focus is writing music though I love to explore my creativity across different mediums.

In my music, I explore different musical styles. I can't necessarily put a label on my genre at the moment. Maybe "chillhop," "chillwave," "electronic," "lo-fi," or "jazzy hip-hop," would be suitable. 

In my stories, I usually set my characters in sci-fi and/or fantasy worlds and explore philosophical and spiritual themes such as love, the mysteries of consciousness, the universe and the dreams that grant purpose to my characters.

In my programming, I've published "Beat Loops for Improv," a Python application for Windows with which musicians can jam and improvise to 20 drum patterns I electronically composed. I've also published, "Breeze Notepad," a minimalist text editor also made with Python.

In my film projects, I've been mainly focusing on video editing, and lately, I've been experimenting with AI algorithms at NightCafe to create the works of art that appear in my MVs.


When I was more focused on film directing, I created, In Search of Inner Clarity, which I immersed myself in across all elements of production: writing, directing, editing, music composition, cinematography, camera operating, sound mixing and sound editing. Suffice it to say, it was not easy to make. It was a wild, experimental journey where I had to really trust my intuition in spite of the difficulties, as with all my projects.

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