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The Healing Power of Instrumental Music

Music can heal a person's heart in times of great darkness, and different styles of music have different effects. Lyrical verses reflecting on overcoming the adversities of life can inspire us to take action and transcend our suffering such as with Losing Myself by Eminem or Own Appeal by Oddisee. Likewise, instrumental music can help us find peace in a way that helps us stay grounded in the present moment. More specifically, they can get us out of our own heads.

Whereas inspirational verses take our minds across past, present and future in a way that cause us to reflect on the narrative of our lives like a movie montage, the silent verses of instrumental music are spoken purely through the medium of sound, absolved of worldly concepts and thoughts of our own individual lives. Listening to instrumental music is similar to looking at a tree, a flower or the breathtaking vastness of an ocean while relaxing at a beach in meditative solitude. When we look out into nature or listen to soothing sounds that do not make us think about life, then, we are able to feel our emotions rise up in more spontaneous ways that make us feel more as opposed to think more.

If we listen to instrumental tracks like Silver Morning by Nujabes or Sapphire by Bonobo, then the mystical powers of their music have the potential to make us feel connected to the mysterious chambers of our minds which are dormant unless brought about by creative works that go beyond the limitations of language.

Stock photo by Mike Giles at Unsplash

Of course, beautiful lyrics are beautiful, and they have their own unique qualities. I appreciate the best of both worlds as anyone should. This is simply a reflection on what instrumental music is. Although it is the art of sound expressed through scales, chords, tones and melodies, it is also a bridge to inner silence. Through that inner silence, peace in the present moment can be realized.

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