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How Music Connects People

Music is truly beautiful, isn't it? It is a channel through which people can express the deepest yearnings of their own hearts. It is a way for artists to connect with the world. And lovers of music can come together in festive gatherings and celebrate the beauty of life and community with music serving as an auditory connector of minds, a conductor of a harmonious mind orchestra. What's also beautiful about music is that it transcends cultural barriers. Even if, say, an Italian were to listen to the melodies of a shamisen or an Egyptian were to listen to the lyrics of a Colombian singer, the geographic distance between cultures and peoples is suddenly closed by the connecting forces that are melodies, rhythms, percussion and soulful lyricism.

When one hears the flute being played across the world, there are different tones and preferred usage of musical elements such as the background percussion or the kinds of scales used, but in the end, this universal quality persists in all flutists: the desire to sing in the language of the flute. And quite often, flute music is a bridge between past and present. Many traditional pieces are played, and this is a reminder that in many if not most parts of the world, many still want to connect to the past, to times when the world was collectively more in-tune with a sense of the mystical.

In times of darkness, silence can be unbearable, and loneliness suddenly presents itself as a sudden, spontaneous manifestation of one's inability to keep a quiet mind. We've all been there. Many people just don't feel comfortable admitting this. But what has gotten many people, including myself, through the tough times? Music. Somehow, music is able to erase all sense of worry and even feel more optimistic and appreciative of the people in one's life.

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