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The Melodies of Your Creative Essence

by Terence Im

An instrument is a bridge to one's inner world,

With eyes closed, you can seize the hidden jewels of timeless bliss

By pouring your heart and soul into your music,

You can surrender to its flow

And feel liberated from thoughts of tomorrow,


Though one's mind can be dulled by the tides of misfortune,

The bells, strings and melodies of your creative essence

Can grant birth to even greater tides of joy,

Tides of joy which do not resist the tides of darkness and misfortune, but rather,

Recreate them into a dynamic dream,

One which can grant birth to songs celebrating

The awe-inspiring miracle of life and consciousness,

Songs which can reshape memories into

Montages painted in new colors of appreciation and love,

Colors which can make one appreciate

All those who crossed paths with you in this enormous universe.

Copyright © 2023 by Terence Im (born Tae Joon Kim)

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