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Reborn Eyes

by Terence Im

Mesmerized by the silence of space,

An engineer enamored with the stars yearned to know peace of mind,

But, much of his city was burdened with rain,

And, the tears of lost souls,


He wanted to write poetry to give words of hope,

And reignite a certain fire in the city's collective spirit,

But, most were too busy chasing something else,

Too busy chasing neither fire nor rain,

Something unnatural and distant from the world as is,

Fickle dreams sometimes colored by thoughts

Burdened by a half-human language that was once noble and beautiful,


Too many thoughts,

Words have failed me,

I'm tired of dreams,

And want to know the bliss of the present moment,



He went home and spontaneously wrote a calm, slow-tempo piano piece,

For once, this lover of the stars enjoyed the sound of raindrops from outside,

Inner world, outer world; they both merged - no... -

Rather, the engineer discovered the two were always one,

In his reborn eyes, an instrument seemed to be a lens of clarity,

Shattering illusions while creating more breathtaking ones.

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