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A Simple Moment of Bliss

by Terence Im

The inner world shut its doors to me for some time,

And, I longed to return to its lovely paradise,

But, the uncertainties of my future terrified me,

And so, I created a river of sorrow for myself,

Only to wonder, who took me away from the gifts of this world's pleasures,


I was abundant with loved ones and

Guided by a dream that could move the tides of destiny,

But, I'd forgotten how to see

Past the boundaries

Of this world's illusions,


When silent meditation failed me,

Music held me dearly like a compassionate teacher

Who could see numerous possible directions of my future

And warned me of my potential

To fall,


Surely, there must be a simple solution,

My Dream Self told me in my dream one night,

There, in that world, where no heart could bleed sorrow,

I sung with him a song that made me bleed nostalgia,

And time reshaped itself, transforming into a simple moment of bliss,

I was playing guitar by a river,

It was a sweet dream that connected me with the timeless

And made me feel as if

I'd already held the greatest jewel in the world,

In the palms of my hands.

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