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Fantasy Novelette "Intertwined Motion" is Now Available on The Amazon Kindle Store

Nine years ago, Ridley's sister, Holly Im, was kidnapped by a blue, fiery wolf god who appeared out of nowhere when they were biking as they always did by the Amoga River. All the wolf god said to the two, prior to kidnapping her, was that Holly was destined to meet The Man Who Would Grant Her Eternity in a faraway place.

Having had such a divine connection as siblings and best friends, Ridley has been able to vaguely sense Holly's location in spite of the unknown distance between them. Just like all human beings faced with the challenge of trusting their intuition, Ridley ponders on this feeling until he finally decides to travel the world six years after the kidnapping, searching for Holly with nothing to work with but this transcendent feeling.

His three year journey takes him to Nosi, a city in the country Unoa, where the psychedelic beauty of its streets and the creative energy of its people will serve as the theater of this breathtaking novelette epic of divine emotions.

At Nosi, deeply painful questions about the nature of life, love and the mysterious intentions of the gods will be asked for every question answered.

Available to purchase at Amazon:

Cover art by Terence Im.

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